- My wife Jenni for supporting and allowing her crazy husband to build the place he's envisioned

- Keaton & Douglas Martin for their hard work helping to maintain the enchantment.

- Denise & Phillip Brown without their contribution it wouldn't be as easy to relax

- Wanda & Dennis Martin who gave me the light and a place to charge phones, with extra thanks to my dad for the lack of yelling during the project, because if I agreed with him we'd both be wrong.

- Marie Lang for the decorations, whole pig roaster and vision

- Charles Franklin & Family for all the hours spent working on the new deck/stage.

- Randy Rogers for the amazing deck around the palapa!

- Sammy Tom four hands are better than two when cutting and splitting bamboo; The Stowaway

- All my family, friends and tikiphiles that enjoy making memories here

Special Thanks to:

Wahine e o keonimana. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome, brave adventurers, to the wondrous watering hole of The Enchanted Tiki Lounge, an exclusive & private tropical paradise complete with a palapa, boardwalk, pool, palms, grub and bar all in the heart of Conroe, TX. The enchantment is derived from the simple fact that you can only find such an oasis in Conroe right here (but I would love to see more backyard tiki paradises pop up sometime soon; we’re not prideful). The tropical getaway is a tribute to my Grandfathers, Walt Disney, The Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland and all the fond memories with my family and friends that have been created there.

​On select evenings at sundown, put on your proverbial grass skirt and sway your way to the torch-lit boardwalk adjoining the Enchanted Tiki Lounge. There, you can sit under the natural tree awning and dim strung lights, hear the soothing Hawaiian-style harmonies out of the magic rocks as they serenade you under the stars.

​While far from complete the lounge is open to invited kool kats and kittens (or those who ask) to do nothing but relax, enjoy the company, food, drinks, music, breeze and laughs. So if you're in town or stranded at IAH Bush Airport drop me a line and come get away!

Enter a tropical oasis where colorful cocktails, exotic music and amazing scenery conjure mystical effects and you never know what will happen next!

about us

We're not a business we're just a little slice of the tropics in conroe, Texas

Brian dreamed up a tropical getaway while spending much of his time in Disneyland California's Adventureland and traveling the globe, but when his wife Jenni said he could chuck the pool slide and build it in it the slide's place, that's when it truly started; The Enchanted Tiki Lounge! 

"This is a place for my family and friends to enjoy their time together and embrace the time the Good Lord Jesus gave us together!"

Wahine e o Keonimana