Tabu A Story of the South Seas

Wake of the Red Witch

Paradise Isle

South of Pago Pago

Song Of The Sarong

Omoo Omoo (The Shark God)

The Beach Girls & The Monster

Honorable Mentions!!!

Sinners in Paradise

Kona Coast

AKA: The Seekers

I'm still not picking at straws the 50's were the years of tikiphiles and the movies prove it.  I haven't seen this one but it's definitely on the list!

This is the updated version of the 1932 classic. The native huts in this movie were later used for King Kong.  Debra Paget (Tomb of Love) and Louis Jordan (Octopussy, Swamp Thing) frolic around the island together and Debra is stunning in her sarong!

Full Length Movie!!!

I know! It's not from the Pacific!!! But It's still fits the criteria and should be noted and thus the Puerto Rican film is on my list. So there! While it doesn't show tikis the symbolisms are all around.  I love this 1963 movie!

Ok, ok... I admit, I'm NOT a Bob Hope fan, but maybe this 1952 tiki Technicolor can sway me.  I hear it's a tikiphile's dream. I hope so! ;-)

Well... I thought I'd be picking at straws (or dink stirs) this far in, but no! No way! Not with this this 1959 movie with Trader Vic's Waikiki in it. I have to admit I haven't seen it yet, but an under water murder mystery is something that hasn't been done in my time.

This 1954 movie actually scores a 6.5 on IMDb which isn't bad for a movie from the 50's! Although I haven't seen it, it seems to have a good story line and be well written.

While this cover says "Monsoon" the name of the movie is Isle of Forgotten Sins from 1943.  It's a tropical island, sunken treasure movie with a tiki-style night club owner.  Interesting!

1963, Hawaiian, Polynesian, WWII, John Wanye. Need I say more!?

Having this 1966 movie starring Dean Martin will eliminate any need for posting a James Bond or Austin Powers flicks.  This is the movie your grandparents loved, but never wanted you to know they watched (hey I'm 37)!  We thought we had something cool with Austin Powers. Umm, no!!! We didn't have Dean Martin. 

This one is based on a true story and much easier to find than the Disney classic above! Made in 2012 this is a movie, unlike it's picture with the same title made in 1950 which is a documentary.

I couldn't help but start with a Disney movie, for several reasons.  First being with Walt Disney's influence on tiki culture itself. You might have to dig somewhat deeper through the classics to find this 1966 gem, but it's there. 

Tiki Movies

So what makes a movie a Tiki Movie??? Are they Hawaiian, Polynesian, B 50's/60's, shipwreck or cult classics? There doesn't seem to be a definite answer, but from what I've gathered it's all of those things in one movie. Ok, maybe... You can take away one or two of those aspects, but certainly not more than that. Below is a list of what through my vast research I've come up with to be Tiki Movies! If you think something should be added let me know. Now I can't say I've watched a lot of these movies (maybe just a handful), but these are movies that I will soon be checking out soon.  Go to the IMDb Link by cliking on the movie cover. If I'm missing a tiki classic I WANT TO KNOW!!!

She Gods of Shark Reef